Insulin Injection Sites

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insulin injection sites Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas whose primary function is to lower blood sugar. It does this by binding to insulin receptors on the cell wall which open glucose transporters. Once the glucose transporters are opened by the action of insulin, glucose can flow freely from the blood into the cell.

insulin injection sites

insulin injection sites If you inject insulin three or more times a day then it's a good idea to rotate your injection sites. Injecting in the same place much of the time can cause hard ...

insulin injection sites

insulin injection sites 20 Jun 2011 ... Insulin injection site rotation is as important as the amount of insulin you ... Injections in your hip and buttock areas are more slowly absorbed.

images insulin injection sites 12 Feb 2010 ... How to administer insulin injections to your child. Techniques of site rotation and avoiding mild complications are discussed.

insulin injection sites

video insulin injection sites Learn where you should inject Lantus(R) using the Lantus(R) SoloSTAR(R) pen or vial and syringe.

insulin injection sites

pic insulin injection sites 15 Feb 2011 ... Learn about insulin injection site rotation for diabetics. MDs answer your diabetes questions.

The abdomen is the most common site for injecting insulin. For some people, this site is not suitable, and other sites must be used. These include the upper arms ... picture insulin injection sites

insulin injection sites

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Gavinrawield Says:
April 9 , 2011

insulin injection sites The use of insulin in the treatment of diabetes may become more commonplace with recent changes to the American Diabetes Association's treatment algorithm. Insulin injection problems can be frustrating and here are some suggested solutions to the most common such problems.

Flamehammer Says:
October 3 , 2011

Diabetes insulin injection guide: Practice site separation to reduce tissue and ... Basic simple details like the separation of subcutaneous injection sites can not ... insulin injection sites

Adozar Says:
September 29 , 2011

Gestational diabetes is something that everyone fears and you may be down from hearing that you are suffering from it, but in today's modern times there are a lot of different ways to easily and efficiently maintain the disease in a way that you won't even feel it. The bigger reason that people get down is because of the fact that you have to inject yourself on a daily basis, but its nothing to fear. insulin injection sites

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